Health for all



As an independent marketing company with expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, we offer different services and products to our customers and partners in a growing world market.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit with us along the entire supply chain, from the active ingredient to the production of intermediates and the proprietary medicinal product.

As a service partner, we ensure the quality and documentation of the raw materials for both human as well as veterinary medicine and are continuously expanding our product range in accordance with current market demands. With locations and offices in more than 50 countries, we provide professional communication, up-to-date information and fast order processing according to the customer’s specific requirements. The success of our company is based on flexible action, entrepreneurship and the cultivation of long-term trusting relationships with customers.

In addition to APIs, intermediates, excipients and proprietary medicinal products, we offer medical supplies such as disposable syringes and gloves. Our product line also includes “MAMATEST,” a high quality pregnancy test. And with our successful private label “masculan® – DAS KONDOM”, we help fight HIV infection around the world.

Drug manufacturers take advantage of our extensive expertise on the regulatory approval requirements of the health authorities and specific characteristics of active ingredients for the preparation and implementation of API audits: We stand by you to provide advice and to support the process for a successful audit.


Founded in 1985 in Hamburg, Germany, M.P.I. Pharmaceutica GmbH has established itself as a reliable partner in the pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine industry.

The company’s founder, Franz Gerhardy, was already active on the international pharmaceutical and chemical market in the 1960s – in cities like New York, Bangkok or São Paulo.

As an owner-operated family business, we draw on more than 30 years of experience in the global trade of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine industry, as well as dietary supplements.

Our expertise has grown as consistently as our business and our worldwide contacts. This means we not only provide our customers with APIs, intermediates, excipients and proprietary medicinal products, but also prepare our production partners for a successful API audit.

Our knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector also benefits our medical and health products. In addition to our successful, modern condom brand masculan®, we also offer pregnancy tests and disposable hypodermic syringes.


Our corporate motto “Health for All” reflects our attitude regarding our social responsibility to make innovative medicines accessible to people living in the poorer parts of the world.

For example, by collaborating with smaller laboratories in emerging and third-world countries, we help them with the production of generic medicines for the populace. This makes it possible to provide low-income people with the same quality of these vital active ingredients.

With our branded “masculan® – DAS KONDOM”, we are committed to protecting the health of large numbers of people. With masculan®, we actively participate in numerous events around the world and help governments, schools and foundations to inculcate the issue of “safer sex” and protection against HIV infection in the minds of the people.