We are familiar with the current requirements for API, excipients and intermediates, and provide information about new developments. Our product range will open new opportunities in your market.

API – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Every market has different manufacturing quality standards for active pharmaceutical ingredients. As a global player, we know which certification is required for your target markets. Whether it involves the CEP of the EDQM, the CPP of the FDA, the GMP standards, or other registration requirements, M.P.I. supplies you with the substance in exactly the quality you need, both in the field of human medicine as well as veterinary medicine. Based on your specifications, you will receive your API according to the required pharmacopoeia (medical book): e.g. EP (European Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia), JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia), USP (United States Pharmacopoeia). We can send you precise documentation of the active pharmaceutical ingredients from the open part and, upon request, from the closed/restricted part of the DMF (drug master file). Our raw materials are GMP-certified by authorities participating in the PIC/S. You will find an extract of the certified substances in our PDF. And, naturally, we have other high-quality APIs available. Just ask us.

You can read an excerpt from the list of the APIs we offer here → Download.


M.P.I. offers a large selection of excipients for the manufacture of high-quality pharmaceuticals, both for human as well as veterinary medicine. Pharmaceutical excipients (and/or inactive pharmaceutical ingredients) are manufactured by select and reliable production partners. You benefit from our ability to provide you with excipients as vehicles for all common dosage forms – even when the finest dosages are required. In addition, you receive the desired excipients in the quality required for your target market and your end product. We offer excipients that meet the guidelines of the IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council) and the PQG (Pharmaceutical Quality Group). Please ask us about manufacturing documentation.

You can find an excerpted list of the excipients we offer here → Download.

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You can also benefit from our expertise and worldwide manufacturing network. Take advantage of our expertise in providing high quality intermediates for the manufacture of APIs for which we provide the route of synthesis, if needed. Our extensive line includes proven pharmaceutical intermediates and specialities. Which substances do you need? Contact us – we will supply you with what you need and provide you with expert advice.

You can find an excerpted list of the intermediates we offer here → Download.



    • We meet your needs. We advise you about all the most important aspects of the desired active ingredient and your target market. Take advantage of our skills and our worldwide knowledge of the industry.


    • Preparation of all documents necessary for registration
    • Assistance with product registration in the target country


    • Selection of suitable production partners for the desired active ingredient
    • Products tailored to your needs with attractive price/quality ratio

    After-Sales Service

    • Feedback on all technical issues arising during processing
    • Preparation of additional documentation – even after the purchase of raw materials

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